Top 3 Broadheads To Hunt Wild Boar

Most boar hunters use a rifle, or hunt with dogs. There are some, that choose to hunt these wild beasts with a bow.  But what about broadhead selection? What is the best arrow tip to take down a 300 pound trophy boar? How do you choose between the vast selection of broadheads in your local archery shop? What do different arrowheads do? There are so many choices in selection, it can be very intimidating when searching for your boar-hunting set up. Today we will discuss the top 3 broadheads to hunt wild boar with.

Muzzy 3-Blade Fixed-Blade Broadheads - Muzzy 75 - 75 Grain - 6-Pack - Fixed Bld Broadheads

Muzzy 3-Blade Fixed-Blade Broadheads – Muzzy 75 – 75 Grain – 6-Pack – Fixed Bld Broadheads
The “TroCar Tip” broadhead is a popular choice by Muzzy. Commonly called a chisel tip, you can see this broadhead has the punching power to break through bone. The “hog shield”, and possible thick layer of mud may be protecting a wild boar, and with this chisel tip and the 3 razor sharp blades following closely behind to sever hog vitals. The 3 razor-sharp blades can be replaced or easily converted to practice blades. You can use this arrowhead to take broad side shots at wild pigs with general reliability. A lot of hunters think that boars have thick skin, which isn’t actually true. The thick part is the hog shield which is a protective layer of scar tissue the protects the pigs vitals that are tucked low and behind the shoulder region. Shot placement isn’t as critical with this top-selling broadhead, and can take some abuse if shot into the dirt. The TroCar tip has an additional benefit, in that it helps arrow flight, and is easy to tune to your equipment. This broadhead will leave an excellent blood trail, if the hog hadn’t already dropped dead already.

New Archery Products Thunderhead Fixed-Blade Broadhead Replacement Blades - 100 Grain - Fixed Bld Broadheads

New Archery Products Thunderhead Fixed-Blade Broadhead Replacement Blades – 100 Grain – Fixed Bld Broadheads
A cut on contact classic broadhead such as the ThunderHead fixed blade is a proven winner when it comes to hunting wild hogs. It has a carbon tip, with stainless steel, razor-sharp, ventilated blades that deliver great penetration. The cost is less than newer technology, but with its history of great performance, this is a boar hunters reliable choice when hunting. The difference between this broadhead is that the blades start at the tip and move back continuously. While a chisel point broadhead will have that initial punch, with the cutting follow up. The Thunderhead will also leave a great blood trail when shot. Shot placement will be key with this broadhead, and it will be advisable to get a quartering away shot just past the hog shield, low in to the vital area of the hog.





Rage 2-Blade Expandable Mechanical Broadheads - 2
Rage 2-Blade Expandable Mechanical Broadheads – 2″ Cut Diameter – 125 grains – 3-Pack – Exp Broadheads

The mechanical broadhead is the newest technology in the bow hunting arena, and has quite a controversial debate amongst bow hunters. The benefits of a mechanical broadhead are that they fly like a field point, and don’t take much tuning (if any) to get them on target. Most of the negative arguments are that the chance of blade failure is not a chance a hunter wants to take. Another issue was that the bow hunter would lose kinetic power when the blades opened up on the animal, hindering penetration, while ultimately losing the wild pig as a result. While that may have been the case for earlier “mechs”… The Rage 2-blade expandable broadhead has become a solution to this problem.  With its slip cam rear blade deployment system, and cut on contact tip, the blades open up before entering the animal. The blades are an impressive 2” diameter to give max cutting effect on the animal, leaving a better blood trail.

So, what should you go with? Ultimately it’s up to the bow hunter on which arrowhead they use to slay their pig, but any of these will be good choices. Most hunters agree that the best option is to go with what you can afford. If it were me…. I would start with chisel point broadheads, as they are more forgiving for the beginning hunter, have brute punching power, and great cutting performance to quickly dispatch the boar. The blades quickly changeover into practice blades, so you can practice with confidence. If ever in doubt, ask around at your local pro shop, they will do everything possible to set you up for success.

What arrowhead do you suggest for hunting wild boar? Leave a comment below…

I wish you the best in your hunt,  


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