The Hunger Games And The Future Of Hunting Part 2

So I totally messed up, and didn’t post as fast as I should have for the part 2 for the Hunger Games. I got lost in the book and read the whole thing from beginning to end in one sitting on a Sunday morning. Part one of this post, The Hunger Games And The Future Of Hunting Part 1, goes over the beginning chapters before “Reaping day”. Well I found out that this day was the day they picked 2 children from every district to fight each other to the death in an outdoor arena, as a form of punishment for an uprising nearly 70 years ago.

The story goes into the selection process, training, and actual games in the arena. The weird part about this book is that it incorporates a fashion sense into the “games” which throws a kinda flashy part to the contestants as if they were just parading them around as a another showboat in front of the crowds. You’ll see what I mean when you read the book.

It does have some “teeny bopper” romantic drama, that will most likely grab the attention of younger readers, and ultimately secure some interest in hunting, and archery altogether…which is good. My ultimate hope is that it gets kids back outdoors, experiencing archery for the first time with their parents backing them, creating a new positive hobby,  that could perpetuate a legacy of hunting heritage.

The book does have some very graphic content about death and violence in it, and may not be suitable to all readers, but heck…. look whats on TV these days, at least they are reading. I would rate the book as PG-13 for maturity if your concerned.

To sum it up, I think this is a great book to read, and if you happen to run across it…. pick it up, and turn a few pages and tell me what you think.

My next review will be on “Catching Fire”, book 2 of the “Hunger Games” as my off topic post.

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