Summer Wild Pig Seminar at Bass Pro Shops

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Last week I attended a “Summer Wild Hog” seminar at Bass Pro shops. I had been waiting for this hunting seminar, and was excited to see it on the agenda for their clinics. I called up a buddy that I hadn’t seen in a while, and invited him to meet me there at the clinic for some “Man Land” time.

As I walked into Bass Pro shops that late Saturday afternoon for the Hog hunting seminar, it was like walking into Disneyland for the outdoorsman. There was a bass fishing clinic going in front of the bass fish tank in the middle of the store. Customers were all over the place trying new equipment, and gawking at all the gear (glad I wasn’t alone!). I had arrived early, as I didn’t want to miss out on seating, and I also wanted to get a grasp of the setup and location. I had some time, so I decided to go to the restaurant inside Bass Pro called “The Fish Co.” to have some of their famous venison stuffed mushrooms, which were absolutely delicious.

It was getting close to the clinic time, so I moved upstairs to grab a seat. The seating area was small with some other hunters already there. As soon as the instructor introduced himself, he immediately broke into a Q and A session that was the whole clinic. My buddy and I were pretty disappointed in the lack of structure for this hog hunting clinic, yet stuck around to  the end to see if we could grab some useful information.

The real summer hog hunting clinic happened after the clinic was over, just as any other seminar or meeting I’ve been to! The collaboration of information was only limited to how many hunters I could network with! I  made some great contacts, and we all shared information freely about pig locations, tips, and tricks.

While I hope the clinics improve at Bass Pro, I was content with the power of networking in the hunter community, and will definitely  be back!

As a take away for my readers, I just want to emphasize the importance of personal relationships you will make in the field, range, or at a local seminar. You can research the internet all day long, but the true value comes in these personal relationships.

To find out what seminars are coming up in the Bass Pro near you click on Bass Pro Home Page and then find your local store. On that local Bass Pro site, they will have their upcoming clinics, which are great fun! Be sure to call for registration, but most of the clinics are open to all.


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