How To Hunt Wild Pig In Texas

Hunting Wild Pig in Texas is some of the best hunting in the Country!

Resident Hunting License:  $25.00 (2012)

Non-Resident Hunting License: $315.00 (2012)

WMA Permit: (Explained in summary below): $20 daily, $48 Annually

Season: Open all year

Resident Tag Fee: There are no tags required to hunt boar in Texas

Non-Resident Tag Fee: None

Legal Method of Take: Any

Dogs: On private land only

Night Hunting: On private land only

Baiting: On private land only, Scent lures are ok on public land


Texas is the home of the wild pig, with an estimated population of 4 million feral pigs throughout the State of Texas. Because of the excellent agricultural habitat Texas provides, the wildlife management, and the legal hunting operations promoting pig hunting, there is no shortage in hunting wild pig.

There are many Texas outfitters that will put you on some of these Texas hogs fast, and is highly recommended for your first hunt. All that you will need to get is a Texas state hunting license, your weapon of choice, spotting scope, day pack with essentials for all-weather conditions, and a cooler when you bag your boar (which is almost guaranteed). Some Texas outfitters will even get you on an aerial hunt at about $700 an hour or so plus the price of your boars. All accommodations are usually included such as lodging, food, transportation, and processing. This is a good way to learn the basics, and to have a really good time in the process.

WMA Permits are an option instead of paying big bucks on private land hunts. A WMA is a Wildlife Management Area that is owned and managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife. There are 51 WMA’s in the state and you can find a local WMA by clicking HERE.  There are many hunting, camping, and hiking opportunities in these WMA’s, yet the restrictions on hunting feral hogs on Texas public land is pretty regulated. Please check the Map Booklet for Public lands for more detailed information in the area you want to visit, or by clicking WMA Booklet

Texas considers Feral Hogs to be exotic animals. While there are no bag limits or seasons on hunting wild pig in Texas, there are some minor regulations that are common sense anyways. It is illegal to:

  • Hunt a feral hog without a valid hunting license.
  • Hunt a feral hog on a public road or right-of-way.
  • Hunt a feral hog without the landowner’s permission.
  • Possess a feral hog or the carcass of a feral pig without the owner’s consent

Texas Resources:

BIg Tex welcomes you to the land of wild pig!

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Guide To Feral Hogs in Texas

Local Outfitters: Licensed Big Game Guides

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can buy a 5 day license for under $50 and a license valid for hogs for the year for $132. And if you are an agent of a landowner you can take depredating hogs that are doing damage without a license. Talk with the local game warden and they will tell you if you need a license to hunt them. Also swine in Texas have no differentiation between wild / feral hogs and domestic pigs. If processed at an USDA facility they can be sold commercially as pork.