Rhode Island

 Hunting Wild Hog In Rhode Island

Rhode Island is considered one of only 6 hog free states

Resident License: N/A

Non-Resident License: N/A

Resident Tag Fee: N/A

Non-Resident Tag Fee: N/A

Limit: N/A

Season: N/A

Legal Method of Take: N/A

Dogs: N/A

Night Time Hunting: N/A

Baiting: N/A

Summary: While there are no Wild Hogs in Rhode Island to hunt, there are other hunting opportunities such as deer, wild turkey, and water fowl. Rhode Island is considered a “Hog Free” state. Because of the cold climate conditions, wild pig cannot sustain themselves in the state boundaries. The only wild boar you will find in Rhode Island will be at a upscale restaurant serving it on a platter.However, there are many other species to hunt in Rhode Island besides wild boar, that make for a great hunt.