Resident Hunting License: $29.50 (2012)

Non-Resident Hunting License: $140.50 (2012)

Season: Open

Resident Tag Fee: None

Non-Resident Tag Fee: None

Legal Method of Take: Any

Dogs: Yes

Night Hunting: No

Baiting: Baiting is ok to hunt feral pigs in Oregon


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has a zero tolerance for feral swine. It is illegal to offer a paid hunt on either public or private land. Having said that, ODFW has no restrictions on hunting wild pig, and considers them a major threat to the state. ODFW believe there are less than 5000 pigs in the state, mostly on private land. Most pig activity can be found in the cities Madras, Maupin, Fossil Spray, Mitchell and Antelope. These are the areas that are considered prime locations for the elusive razorbacks. Basically, if you are out hunting and come across feral swine, go ahead and take them. If you do see them, the state of Oregon would appreciate a report of the sighting.


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:



Oregon Specific Pig Info Click Here

Local Outfitters: None. It is illegal to offer pig hunting as a service to discourage the intentional release and management of this species into the state.