How To Hunt Wild Boar In Ohio

Hell Hollow Wilderness Area Ohio – photo by Nicholas T

Resident License: Yes,  $19 annually

Non-Resident License: Yes, $125 annually, only $40 for a 3 day tourist pass

Resident Tag Fee: No tag required

Non-Resident Tag Fee: No Tag Required

Limit: No Limit

Season: Open all year

Legal Method of Take: In Ohio, you may take wild pig with a gun, crossbow or bow, with or without a dog.  Live trap is okay as long as it killed and not released.  No silencers or mufflers on firearms.  No spears, no knife and dog.  Firearms used during deer firearm season must be legal for deer and you must also have a valid deer permit.

Dogs:  Yes and yes. You may hunt wild boar with dogs day and night in Ohio. You may not use dogs during the deer firearms seasons though.

Night Time Hunting: Yes, you may hunt hogs at night in Ohio except during the deer firearms seasons.  You may not use artificial lights attached to/or from a vehicle of any kind.

Baiting: On Private land you may bait hogs in Ohio,  on public land there is baiting with restrictions.  (no bait attractive to birds)

Trapping: You may live trap only,  hogs must be killed and not released.

Summary: Wild boar hunting in Ohio is encouraged as a means to control the population. Hunting hogs is cheap, and the state will guide you to the best areas to hunt on public land. There are very few restrictions on hunting wild boar, as you may hunt them at night, use dogs day and night, and only need a basic hunting license to start hunting. You must use a legal firearm however, appropriate for that season. It is also required that you have a deer tag, and legal weapon to hunt deer during that season. In the resources section, there are very good links for the best areas to hunt wild hogs, and other great information. 


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