Wild Boar Are Not Welcome In Nebraska

Regulations for Wild Boar Hunting In Nebraska

Resident License: Hunting wild pig is illegal in Nebraska

Non-Resident License: Hunting wild pig is illegal in Nebraska

Resident Tag Fee: N/A 

Non-Resident Tag Fee: N/A

Limit: N/A,

Season: Unregulated

Legal Method of Take: None, hunting feral hogs is illegal in Nebraska

Dogs: No

Night Time Hunting: No

Baiting: No

Summary: Wild Boar hunting is not legal in Nebraska. The closest state to hunt wild boar near Nebraska would be Missouri, Oklahoma, or just jump on a plane and combat the wild pigs in Texas.

Is it legal to hunt wild pig in Nebraska? No, it is illegal to release, import, own, hunt or charge to hunt any wild/feral pig in NE. This is meant to remove all incentives for people to import and release wild/feral pigs into Nebraska.

Can you hunt pigs if on your own property? No. The commission can appoint landowners as agents to allow them to assist in eradication efforts on their property, but no “hunting” is allowed.

In addition to the laws restricting import/hunting/release, state statutes require the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to immediately eradicate any populations of wild/feral pigs upon their discovery. 

What are the areas in Nebraska where feral hogs have been residing lately, if any? All populations of feral hogs in NE have been entirely eradicated according to the State of Nebraska Game and Parks commission. While we all know this is not true, it will be a real challenge if they can continue keeping the hog numbers down from invading states.

 Nebraska has a zero tolerance for wild hogs and any/all populations imported and/or released will be immediately eradicated according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

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