Wild Boar Hunting Regulations In Montana

Resident License: None needed

Non-Resident License: None needed

Resident Tag Fee: No tag required

Non-Resident Tag Fee: No Tag Required

Limit: No Limit

Season: Unregulated

Legal Method of Take: Any

Dogs: Yes

Night Time Hunting: As a nuisance species, it is likely there would be no hunting regulations, so issues like hunting at night, hunting with dogs, allowable weapons, etc. would fall under local government regulations and landowner restrictions

Baiting: There is no baiting allowed in Montana for feral pig.

Trapping:  Movement and release of feral hogs is prohibited, but there are no regulations on trapping wild hogs.

Summary: Currently there are no established populations of feral hogs in Montana.  If they did establish is Montana, it is likely they would not be a game animal, but rather would be classified as an invasive species.


Montana Fish And Game