How To Hunt Wild Boar In Missouri

Wild Boar Can Be Found In 20 South Eastern Counties In Missouri

Resident License: Small Game Hunting License ($10 annual)

Non-Resident License: Small Game Hunting License($11 daily, $80 annual)

Resident Tag Fee: No tag required

Non-Resident Tag Fee: No Tag Required

Limit: No Limit

Season: Seasons coincide with general wildlife seasons. Feral Hogs are considered a nuisance animal in Missouri, so they must be taken with methods prescribed during current season.

Legal Method of Take: Legal method for current season.

Dogs: Yes

Night Time Hunting: Yes, on private land only. You may not use night vision equipment while hunting feral hogs in Missouri

Baiting: Yes, on private land only, you can bait feral hogs

Trapping: You can trap hogs on private property but not on public land without a special use permit.  These permits are not generally given out for feral hog trapping.


Missouri encourages hunters to take feral hogs at any time while hunting other game. The department discourages hunters from taking feral hogs specifically as they want to eradicate hogs altogether, and they believe hunters interfere with control efforts when specifically targeting wild boar. You may use any firearm or weapon for hogs that you choose.  Larger caliber rifles or 12 gauge shotgun with slugs or buckshot are recommended.  If you are going to carry a handgun for added protection, don’t conceal it.  Wear it in a fashion that makes it easily accessible.  All firearms must be transported unloaded, in a case, with ammunition stored separately. Since feral hogs are not native to the state of Missouri, they are not protected and regulated under the Wildlife Code of Missouri, therefore, there is no permit required to hunt them.  The only exception would be if you were hunting during deer or turkey season, you would need a valid deer or turkey permit and abide by the regulations of that season.

Location: The MDOC will not release feral hog presence in an effort to control and discourage hog hunting. However HuntWildPig.com does not share that same view. Wild boar can be found along all the water ways in 2o south-east counties in Missouri. Some of those counties are in Oregon, Shannon, Ripley, and Carter with the most activity. The Ozark wilderness area, Devils Backbone Wilderness area, and Caney Mountain wildlife refuge also have a very active population of wild boar.


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