Wild Boar Hunting In Mississippi

Wild Boar Have Been Active In The Mississippi Delta Region

Resident License: All Game Hunting License($17.00) + archery license($14.00) or crossbow license ($10.00) depending on what weapon you choose to hunt wild hog.

Non-Resident License: Starting at $125 depending on how many days you plan to hunt, you need a Non-Resident All Game Hunting License + non-resident archery license or crossbow license which may be extra to hunt wild hog.

Resident Tag Fee: No tag required

Non-Resident Tag Fee: No Tag Required

Limit: No Limit

Season: Open to hunt wild pig from the first day of archery deer season(October 1) to the last day in February. You may hunt wild pig during spring turkey season (March 15 – May 1) with the ammo and weapons allowed during that hunt.

Legal Method of Take: Any caliber of weapon is legal to take wild boar on private land. You may use Crossbows, archery equipment, primitive weapons, and dogs.

Dogs: Yes, except during spring turkey season (March 15- May 1)

Night Time Hunting: Yes, but you may not hunt hogs with firearms larger than .22

Baiting: Yes, but the bait may not be whole, chopped, or ground up grain. Hogs may be hunted over planted plots, or crops so long as you have not added grain to the mix.

Trapping: Trapping wild boar is legal on public and private land, and has a yearly license fee of $205.

Summary: Wild Boar are abundant in most Mississippi Counties, but have the densest populations in the Mississippi Delta region. Hunters are encouraged to take feral hogs. With some slight red tape on licensing fees and WMA fees, it is a solid boar hunting state, with many opportunities for different hunting techniques and methods.


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