A Wild Boar in Michigan

How To Hunt Wild Boar In Michigan

Resident License: $15.00 Annual. Any hunting license, or concealed gun permit may be used

Non-Resident License: $69 annual, $30 for 3 days Any hunting license or concealed gun permit is acceptable.

Resident Tag Fee: No tag required

Non-Resident Tag Fee: No Tag Required

Limit: No Limit

Season: Open Season 365

Legal Method of Take: Since wild hogs are invasive species and not listed as a game species here in MI, we do not have restrictions on the books as to how they must be harvested.

Dogs: Yes

Night Time Hunting: Yes, as long as you follow any night time hunting rules that already exist for night time hunting for coyotes and raccoons. We have not added specific language for pigs in any statute or in the Wildlife Conservation Order other than to allow them to be legally shot with any valid hunting license you may have.

Baiting: Yes, as long as you stay within the statewide bait restriction of no more than 2 gallons of bait at one site and the timeframes when baiting is allowed. 

Trapping: Yes, you may trap wild boar on private and public land in Michigan. Trapping on state land would require a permit however.

Can you operate a “High Fence” exotic game ranch in Michigan to include Wild Boar? No, not any more.  The recent Invasive Species Order that was passed does not allow wild boar in high fence preserves any longer.  They are however, able to hunt domestic breeds of swine and some still do.

Summary: Michigan has removed all red tape from hunting wild boar in their state. The newest change to statute (in May 2010) allows anyone to shoot a pig as long as he/she has ANY valid hunting license or a concealed pistol permit. You can hunt wild boar with any legal weapon. Wild hogs are not considered game animals, so there is no regulation on how you harvest them. You may hunt wild boar at night while pursuing other night-time only game animals. Michigan’s Department Of Natural Resource page offers a tremendous amount of information on hunting wild boar, trapping and other pertinent information. 


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