How To Hunt Wild Boar In Kentucky

Resident Hunting License: Yes, $20.00 annual, $7.00 for 1 day

Non-Resident License: Yes, $130.oo annually, $10.00 for 1 day, $40.00 for 5 days

Resident Tag Fee: No tag required

Non-Resident Tag Fee: No Tag Required

Limit: No Limit

Season: Unregulated

Legal Method of Take: The KDFWR does not expressly prescribe by regulation the legal methods of take for wild pigs; therefore, wild pigs may be taken by muzzle-loading or modern rifles or handguns of any caliber, muzzle-loading or breech-loading shotguns no larger than 10-gauge, and archery or crossbow equipment.

Spear and Knife: Spears and knives are illegal per KRS 150.360… “(1) No person shall take any wildlife, whether protected by this chapter or not, except by trapping, snaring, gig, crossbow, bow and arrow, hook and line, nets, gun, gun and dog, falconry, or as expressly prescribed by regulation.

Dogs: Yes, During daylight hours only. All night hunting of feral hogs is illegal

Night Time Hunting: No night hunting of wild boar is allowed in Kentucky.

Baiting: Yes, on private land only. There is no feeding wildlife between March 1st- May 31st

Locations: There is a viable hunting population of wild boar in the Daniel Boon National Forest in Kentucky for public hunting.

Summary: Kentucky has a variety of wild pigs all over the state, with most concentrations in the south central area near the border of Tennessee. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources does not want to promote recreational hunting, as they feel it is counterproductive to eradication efforts. There are very little weapons restrictions, and there is a year round season with no bag limit. 

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