How To Hunt Wild Pig In Delaware

Delaware Tug Boat, photo by: Lee Cannon


Resident License: N/A

Non-Resident License: N/A

Resident Tag Fee: N/A

Non-Resident Tag Fee: N/A

Limit: N/A

Season: Unregulated

Legal Method of Take: N/A

Dogs: N/A

Night Time Hunting: N/A

Baiting: N/A

Summary: As of right now, there are no wild boar in Delaware. There have been no sightings of feral swine, and no issues as of this post. Delaware is one of only 6 states with no population of wild hogs. The other states without a population of wild pig are: Montana, Utah, Rhode Island, and Wyoming.



Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife

Phone: (302) 739-9910