How To Hunt Wild Hogs In California


Resident Hunting License:  $43.46 (2012)

Non-Resident Hunting License: $151.20 (2012)

Season: Open all year

Resident Tag Fee: $20.78

Non-Resident Tag Fee: $69.69

Legal Method of Take: Rifles, Handguns, Muzzleloaders .40 caliber and higher, Shotgun slugs, and archery equipment including crossbows.

Dogs: Yes

Night Hunting: No

Baiting: Baiting is not permitted


Wild pigs can be found all through out California, with most of the take on private lands. It is claimed that California was the start of our whole pig population in the US. Spanish settlers brought Eurasian Wild Boar to the state to hunt and manage. While the original Eurasian boar is not to be found per se, a hybrid mix of this boar, and that of the domesticated pig now roam the state of California in abundance. The Department of Fish and Game, surprisingly manages invasive pig take with the use of tags and considers them a big game mammal, even though they are ripping apart the land. The season is open year round on feral swine, and although they are managed, it is one of the most cost efficient hunts you will find. California DFG offers some great resources below to hunt wild pig. Their guide to hunting pigs in California is actually really good. The down side is that you cannot hunt at night, and you cannot use bait to take wild pig, which makes it challenging.

Photo by Oto Godfrey

Sierra Nevada mountains are a paradise for hunters and wild pigs

California Department of Fish and Game:


California Department of Fish and Game

Guide to Hunting Wild Pigs in California

Wild Hog Hunting Equipment

Local Outfitters: Licensed Big Game Guides

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    This is the best and most comprehensive resource for local and out of state pig hunting I have seen for California. Thanks for the one-stop website.