How To Hunt Wild Hog In Arizona

Game Management Unit 13b Landscape near MT. Trumbull


Resident License: None Needed

Non-Resident License: None needed

Resident Tag Fee: No tag required

Non-Resident Tag Fee: No Tag Required

Limit: No Limit

Season: Unregulated

Legal Method of Take: Any

Dogs: Yes

Night Time Hunting: No

Baiting: Yes, for Feral Pig only


Arizona has no laws or regulations on pig hunting, after speaking with the Arizona BLM and Arizona Game and Fish Department. Wild Pigs are considered a nuisance, and both departments want them removed. There is no statute in Title 17 for hunting feral pigs.

Most feral pigs in Arizona have been located in unit 13B near Black Rock during Summer, and then transitioning to Mud Mountain in the Winter months. 13B (Game Management Unit) is in North West Arizona commonly called the “Arizona Strip”.The wild boar in Arizona stay close to water sources in these locations.Feral pigs in this area are destroying turkey nesting reducing poultry population, and Arizona highly encourages the take of wild pig to prevent further damage.

The land is BLM land, and is accessed by dirt road by high clearance vehicles(4×4). There is no off road driving in this area, which means that you cannot drive into open country off of the dirt road.

There also have been sightings of feral pigs in Havasu, AZ,  near Topock Marsh, which is part of the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, ran by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The refuge actually prohibits hunting feral hogs at this time, which doesn’t make a lot of sense as they are not considered a game animal by Arizona. It will not be long before the wild pigs start taking over that refuge, destroying game nesting areas if not managed appropriately.

While there are no regulations in place to hunt feral pigs in Arizona, it is advised that hunters use common sense and not push the envelope when hunting, or new laws could be put in place to limit hunting according to the AZGFD.

Most successful hunts were performed during daylight hours using the spot and stalk method, after finding good tracks.


Wild pig in Arizona can be found in 13B

Wild Pig can be found near Mud Mountain and Black Rock Mountain in 13B Arizona


Arizona Strip BLM Office  (435) 688-3200 (Call to request a pig hunting packet)

 AZGFD Website

Wild Hog Hunting Equipment