Wild Hogs In Alaska

Wild Pig were transplanted in 1984 on Marmot Island, AK

Resident License: $25

Non-Resident License: $85

Resident Tag Fee: No tag required

Non-Resident Tag Fee: No Tag Required

Limit: No Limit

Season: Open

Legal Method of Take: Same restrictions as big game hunting.No rimfire rifles. Bow hunters in Alaska must use a draw weight of 50 pounds and take a IBEP course(International Bowhunters Education Program)

Dogs: No, but you may use a leashed dog when tracking and dispatching a wounded animal in Alaska.

Night Time Hunting: No

Baiting: No

Summary: Alaska considers Wild Pig to be “Deleterious Exotic Wildlife”. There is no season, or bag limit on feral pig. There has been no sightings of wild boar in Alaska since 1998, when a private citizen, Reed Oswalt tried to create a huntable wild boar population on Marmot Island. In 1998 a hunter supposedly killed the last pig on the 18 square mile island. In 2008, wildlife biologists surveyed the island and found no tracks or rooting activity. After contacting  the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, hunting wild pig in Alaska falls under the same regulations as hunting big game. 

So…. Are there Wild Boar in Alaska??? No.

The cold extreme climate make Alaska a unsuitable habitat for hunting wild pig, therefor not much hope for a wild pig population to develop and sustain itself.

While there is no wild boar presently in Alaska, there are amazing hunting opportunities for big game such as Moose, Caribou, and Grizzly Bear that you cannot find in any other state. The cost of hunting in Alaska is actually very reasonable, with most of the costs being associated with accommodations, guide services, transportation, and gear suitable for the extreme conditions. Alaska’s Fish and Game website is very comprehensive, and has not only information on hunting in the state, but also good hunting information in general.

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