How To Hunt Wild Pig In Alabama

Dense forest habitat of wild pigs in Alabama

Resident License: $17 to hunt wild pigs in Alabama for residents. If you hunt wild pigs on a Wildlife Management Area, you need resident WMA license of $17, plus a WMA permit (free of charge).

Non-Resident License: To hunt wild hogs in Alabama, you will need a small game hunting license, which is $95.95 for the year, $58.60for 10 days, and $42.60 for 3 days.  To hunt them on a WMA you will need an additional nonresident WMA license of $16, and a WMA permit (free of charge).   

Resident Tag Fee: No tag required in Alabama to hunt wild pig

Non-Resident Tag Fee: No tag required in Alabama to hunt wild pig

Limit: No Limit

Season: Feral Swine has an open hunting season all year in Alabama             

Legal Method of Take:  Gun, Bow and Arrow, and Spear

Dogs: Yes, during daytime hours with gun, bow and arrow, spear. If your running dogs at night to hunt feral pig in Alabama, you cannot use any weapons

Night Time Hunting: Yes

Baiting: Yes

Summary: Wild Pigs are managed by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). Although feral swine are not a game animal, the regulations are the same as hunting a game animal. While feral swine have the same regulations as game animals in Alabama, there are no tags required for take, and you may take as many as you want, everyday. All that’s needed to hunt wild pigs is a valid Alabama State Hunting license, a WMA license, and a WMA permit which is free. It is actually not a bad cost for hunting these razorbacks.

Wild pigs can be found in all 67 Alabama counties today. While many counties have small populations of this animal, a majority of these feral swine can be found in Southern Alabama near the swamps. WIld hogs tend to stay close to water ways, as the summers are blazing hot in Alabama. Wild hogs like dense coverings away from human populations, but will not hesitate to feed on agricultural crops.

There are guides and resources that will be linked below to help the Boar hunter become successful while hunting wild pig in Alabama. Here are just a few:



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