Spear Hunting Wild Boar, Hunting Skills, Where To Hunt In Orange County, CA – Reader Question # 1

A Readers Letter To www.HuntWildPig.com

Yesterday I received a letter from one of our readers named Hunter. I asked if I could post his question, as I feel it is important to the rest of our readers.

Hi Greg,

I really like your site. I traditionally hunt with a shotgun for most
commonly small game and fowl. On occassion I travel out and hunt
larger game. Areas I know best are central, south east CA and central
to south west AZ. For the first time I am considering bow hunting of
deer and boar. Living in south orange county, CA where are the best
places to learn good skills? Places to shoot or get classes? Areas to
consider hunting?
Also, a buddy of mine is talking to me about getting a boar spear and
go out couple of those and sidearm. Although this sounds incredibly
cool, what is your opinion of this type of activity? I am asking only
because you have had enough field time to think about running a site
called HuntWildPig. Is this endeavor complete foolishness? Have you
tried it? I expect we would likely both get close, kill a bush with
the long pointy thing and be left with take down by sidearm. Just a
Thanks for your time and advice.
Have a great day.

Ok, so as places to learn hunting skills living in Orange County, you’re going to have to travel a bit to hunt. I would suggest paying for a hunt at Big Horn Canyon Ranch in Riverside, CA. Here’s why:

  1. It has a very huntable population of exotic animals, with mostly wild boar. It is a beginners hunt for sure, and your almost guaranteed an animal. If not they only charged you $50. You don’t see that at most outfitters.
  2. The price is the best I’ve seen at the current rate of $395 for a feral hog.
  3. By paying a guide, you’re going to learn invaluable hands on skills such as skinning and quartering your hog, spot and stalk methods, and general hog hunting best practices.

Now I’m only saying to do this for your first hunt. By hunting on private land though, your chance for success goes up about 75 -90% spending on where you hunt. At Big Horn, you might as well rent a spit, and get a keg for the wild boar roast later with your buds! 😉 It’s a pretty sure thing.

The best place to learn to shoot with a bow is at a local archery shop where you bought your bow. Most likely they will have  a range, and they will offer lessons. Don’t get a group lesson, they are  a recreational waste of time. Get a private lesson at around $30-50 an hour(Group lessons run about 15-25 anyway). This benefits you by one on one instruction, helping you zero in your bow sight, and coming out proficient at hitting an animal. A good place is at Hi-Tech Archery in Fullerton. I don’t now how far south you are, but the best ranges to practice around me are Oranco Archery Range and Santiago Park if you want a free range to practice at.

Last subject is spear hunting. A Wild Boar is considered a game animal in California, therefore you cannot hunt them with a spear, as it is not a legal method of take for hunting game animals. Hunting a boar with a spear is cool though, and I don’t think its foolishness at all. You just need a state that allows it. Most people use spears these days as a self-defense measure when they are walking through crops where there are known populations of pig. Wild Boar are smart, and if your hunting in the hills of California, (hypothetically speaking of course) you will not get close to them with a spear unless they were injured anyways. Trust me when I say that hunting a wild hog with a bow and arrow is challenging enough!


If you’re looking for a good pig sticker here is one as an example:


(See the cross members at the end of the spear? That’s so that your spear stops at the pig when it is charging you, because that’s how mad it will be when you attempt to spear it!)

I personally use the Infantry 2 LMF by Gerber as my field knife, as it is awesome, has a fantastic sheath system w/ sharpener and can turn into a spear if need be with its 3 lashing holes. The price is amazing for the value you get. Here it is:


All in all, I see where you and your buddies vision is, finding an amazing hunt that will get your blood pumping, and be able to get up close and personal with a wild boar. Very noble, and challenging test of manhood for sure! I’m glad you wrote in those fantastic questions Hunter, and wish you well in your future hunts! Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Follow the Water,



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