Joice Island Pig Hunt In Solano County, CA Joice Island Picture

Joice Island Aerial View IN Solano County, CA

Today the California Department of Fish and Game announced that they will be accepting applications for a pig hunt drawing to control the population on Joice Island in Solano County, CA.

The cutoff for the the drawing will be February 7, 2013 to apply, with the actual drawing being held on February 8, 2013.

Joice Island is a marshy island located just North of Grizzly Bay. The island is 6 miles long with not much as far as features other than tall grass, and wet marsh conditions.

The Two-day Hog hunt permits will be issued for the following weekends:

Junior License Holders (12 & over)
Mar. 2-3

General (adults or youth may apply)
March 9 -10
March 16-17
March 23-24
March 30-31
April 6-7
Apr. 13-14
Apr. 20-21

To apply, send a standard postcard (available from your local post office) to:

Joice Island Pig Hunt
2548 Grizzly Island Road
Suisun City, CA 94585

If you are successful in the drawing,  you will be sent more information including permits and maps of the area. A total of 24 people will be drawn for the hunt.

It is important to note that this island hunt is restricted to Archery and Shotguns with Slugs.

You can get more information on this hunt at the CDFG Blog

Good Luck!


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  1. Larry Langley says:

    Greg, we saw a pig hit on the road on Jan 1 ,..on Rd 200. Didn’t know pigs were in that area.

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