Iowa Hog Hunting Unrestricted

Today I created the Iowa Hog Hunting page as a resource to all hunters. This page can be referenced here. Iowa Hog Hunting Information

What I find interesting, is that there are no weapons restrictions for hog hunting in Iowa, so for all those primitive hunters, it is open season.

Also, if you want to use night vision optics in Iowa, it is ok for use on feral hogs.

Iowa requires that you be licensed to hunt/take feral hogs. This license requirement includes small game license and habitat fee tags or other special permits are required. You can hunt hogs at night..however you cannot use artificial light to hunt them (night vision scopes are allowed). You can use trailing hounds to hunt hogs day or night. Any legal firearm would be legal for hunting/taking hogs, and in addition any archery methods; knives, spears or sharp sticks can be used to take hogs. You can bait hogs on private land..not on public land. You can trap hogs on private land but they cannot leave the pen alive..all hogs trapped must be killed and not transported live from the enclosure.

Iowa has a very small population of feral hogs at this point and most Wild Boar are in SW, SE and NE Iowa locations. Most hogs are found/killed by hunters incidental to hunting other game species ie-deer or turkey etc.

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4 Responses to Iowa Hog Hunting Unrestricted

  1. ken says:

    Where in Iowa area are wild pigs found? What areas, especially in the NE?

  2. hogpredators says:

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  3. michael kraft says:

    i’m looking for a farm or ranch that has feral hogs to hunt, preferrably in NE, if you know of anything could you forward the info to me please.

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