If You Bait it, The Hogs Will Come: Hog baiting secrets for your next hunt


“Ask any old timer and they will tell you that they have found hog circles around just about every creosote soaked telephone pole in the wilderness” – (photo by Keith Edkins)

Craig Pearson is an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and adventurist. His main passions are hog hunting in Texas and writing about his many adventures. He currently blogs for nightvision 4 less, a supplier of high quality night vision equipment.


Everybody has a secret family recipe for a good hog bait. While I’m not going to share my grandpa’s secret recipe, I can show you some essential bait components that will be sure to make your bait irresistible. 

Engine Oils and Lubricants: While the hogs don’t necessarily eat these, they love how they smell. I’ve used WD-40, old motor oil, and diesel fuel to great success. I start by clearing out a flat area by a watering hole or nesting ground and spreading good amount of diesel or motor oil in the dirt before I even put my food out. Hogs love to roll around in it and it can often keep them distracted better than food alone. WD-40 sprayed on the bait food seems to work well too.

Telephone Poles: Ask any old timer and they will tell you that they have found hog circles around just about every creosote soaked telephone pole in the wilderness. Hogs love to rub on old fashioned telephone poles. It supposedly soothes their hide and keeps the bugs under control. Regardless, they seem to love ‘em. Get your chainsaw out and hack off a few four foot sections and secure them around a watering hole and you got yourself some hog heaven!

Breads: Most hog hunters use rotten corn or apples, but hogs aren’t really that picky. If you want a cheap solution that will bring the hogs to your bait site, then old baked goods are the way to go. You can work out a deal with your local bakery or grocery store to take their unsellable bread off their hands for cheap. Even corn tortillas can be a perfect addition to your hog bait recipe. 

Peanuts and Candy: After my oil is soaked in the dirt, I like to sprinkle a healthy coating of cheap peanuts and hard candy everywhere. The hogs get distracted rooting the little bits up and can leave themselves open to a prime shot. 

Booze: While it may seem a crime to waste good liquor on hogs, it can make or break your ability to lure hogs to your site again and again. Many will tell you that hogs get “addicted” to cheap beer and whiskey and will go through great lengths to get their snouts on it. I recommend pouring beer or whiskey over the breads after burying them at the bait site. Works just as well on spoiled apples and corn!

Jell-O: There should always be room for some of this powdery goodness when it comes to hog baiting. Sprinkle about five or six packets of strawberry or raspberry Jell-O powder over the bushes near your bait site. Hogs can’t seem to stay away from it. Also, I have heard that Kool Aid works just as well!

For those times that you want to have a more relaxing hunt, just make the hogs come to you. No place starts out as the perfect spot for bagging some big hogs, but you can make it that way with these simple steps. All you need is the right bait and lots of patience.

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