’s New Resource, Fan Page, and Twitter Feed For Boar Hunters just released a resource page for all hog hunters as a one stop place for all tools and neat web sites. Some of the cool features include a National Feral Swine Mapping System, a LIVE hog cam, and some of the best websites for hunting Wild Boar.

While this is just a start to the page, and will be updated constantly, I’m asking for the readers input into what they have found to be a good resource for hunting wild boar, hunting in general, and outdoor life.

Boar Icon courtesy of Angelus

You can post the resources you find useful in the comments section, and can even post your website if you believe it will be  a value to our readers.

You can also contact me at or hit me up on the NEW Fan Page on Facebook.

You can also follow us on Twitter @HuntWildPig

Lastly, I recently had a guest post from one of our readers that was really good. It made me realize that this is a community, and there are a lot of good outdoor writers that want to be heard. If you have a passion to write about wild boar hunting, outdoors, archery, firearms, or just hunting in general, please contact me directly at .

Send your article, photos, and links to your site, and I will let you know if it is a good fit for

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