Opens Wild Boar Hunting Store is proud to announce that we have opened up a wild boar hunting store to be a one stop resource to all hog hunters! (pictured to the left is a bleeding wild boar 3D target that you will find under targets) We have all gear needed for your next pig hunt in the following categories: 

Books on Hunting Wild Boar

Dvd’s On Wild Boar Hunting

Game Cameras

Hog Dog Hunting Equipment

Hunting Knives

Scent-Lok Camouflage

Hunting Boots

Hunting Optics

Hunting Packs

Hunting Stands/Blinds

Hydration Packs(Camel-Bak)

Wild Boar Scents, Bait, and Calls

 Survival Equipment

Wild Boar Processing Equipment

and my favorite…. Wild Boar Targets and other 3D animal targets

We feel really great partnering with Amazon on this store to provide the same best prices, fastest shipping, and a trusted shopping experience to the community at While the store is a new addition to the web site, the ultimate goal is to be a resource to all wild boar hunters with all information needed to be successful in their hunt. We invite you to browse through the equipment, and welcome your comments. If there is anything that you feel should be added, we welcome those comments.

Follow the Water,


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