Hunger Games And The Future Of Hunting Part 1

Katniss "The Bow Hunter" in the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, illustration by Rneufeld

Today I started reading “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Not that I’m into the next teen throb since “Twilight”, but so I could educate myself on the book before casting judgment on the book, movie, and it’s future on how the world views us hunters. 

Starting out, the first chapter paints a grim post apocalyptic future of survival, famine, and outsmarting dictatorship. (My type of book already!…) The main character is a young girl named Katniss, that is the provider for her family since her father died violently. Her father taught her how to hunt with a bow(which is outlawed in the new society), and was also a bow crafter that passed down a variety of bows for her. The first chapter starts with her going out on a hunt on the “Reaping Day”, which I haven’t actually figured out yet. That’s as far as I’ve got. I’ll post new updates as I read on.

“The Hunger Games” hits all my interests so far, and what I’m really hoping for, and excited about,  is a huge surge or boost in the hunting industry so that we may preserve the heritage for others. Now if that comes in the form of a trendy book that isn’t as gruff and tough as we had hoped would appeal to hunting….So be it. This industry needs a renewed interest in hunting, and the current appeal is to men of heritage, which we as hunters can’t afford any longer. We need this reach to grab a new foothold in society to keep our lands open and free with support for hunting.

What’s even better, is that the archery industry and bow hunting industry will highly benefit from this book. This Article,” Will ‘The Hunger Games’ Create More ‘Kats’ in the Woods?” is another good read. While I choose to focus on hunting wild pig with a bow, I believe the whole hunting industry could benefit from a book that may be a powerful supplemental marketing tool for our future.

What are your thoughts about this popular book? Have you read it? What’s your review of this book? Leave a comment below, and join our ongoing review in “The Hunger Games” Forum


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