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Something yearns and burns in your soul…You want to get back to a primal way of life, even just for a moment… for proof that your alive… Hunt a Wild Boar!

How do you start hunting wild boar? Why do we hunt wild boar? Why do we even hunt in the new millennium? These are great, normal questions that you may ask yourself, and may define your life forever.

For me, it was reading books as a kid such as “Lord of the Flies” … getting lost in the survival aspect, rewarded with the taste of meat that was hunted, and the taste explosion on my tongue of freshly killed pig, spit roasted over a open fire. To some, it may be that trophy kill of a worthy and very dangerous prey, mounted on the wall to be cherished forever, with endless stories……(that change every year just slightly).

As for hunting in general, I can’t define why we hunt, only that we do…. We cherish the wilderness that gives us our game, protecting it, spreading conservation to others, leaving a legacy for our children… and hopefully, they do the same.

As for hunting wild pig, I can only show you the essentials of where to begin. You have probably been researching the steps to take, and good for you…. That’s step #:

1. Research how to hunt wild pig – See if you have the aptitude to commit to this path. Watch YouTube videos on hunting, skinning, and tutorials. Read blogs such as Phillip’s Hog-Blog for great experienced hog hunting. Check out your local outdoor sporting goods store, pick up different hunting rifles, bows, crossbows, and see which method calls out to you. Trust me, it will happen.

2. Take a Hunters Education Course – Most states require that you take a hunters education course before you can apply to get your hunters license. This is a good idea regardless of if its mandatory or not. Safety has always been paramount, and should always be paramount as a good hunter. This is not costly, and places like Bass Pro will generally reimburse your fee towards hunting gear.

3. Get Legal – Purchase your hunters license. As a resident, the hunting license is usually pretty cheap. You do have to show proof of a hunters education course, or a previous hunting license to get a current license. Check your state licensing fees at the top of this page under hunt by state. Some states like California actually require you to purchase a wild pig tag which is minimal, but still you want to make sure your legal.

4. Get Equipped- Purchase your weapon of choice for hunting boars. Do this in person at a reputable outfitter. Don’t just buy the first weapon you see that looks kick ass. Ask… be honest, and listen to the sales associate. Don’t buy it that day. Make notes, go home, and research the weapons first. (As a Bow Hunter….Never ever buy a bow online. A good bow is fitted to your body, and will be tuned to you specifically.) Other items you have to have will be:

5. Practice Practice Practice – There is a world of difference between shooting a wild boar, and shooting paper targets. But everyone has to start somewhere, so practice at a range you feel comfortable, and then move on to another challenge in distance. Try different positions and different angles (if safe). Personally, I love to practice on a 3D course that tests my skills bow hunting. Every weapon has it’s max effective range, and you need to know that before you take that shot. You need to have the confidence of  having a 99% chance of killing that animal humanely. No hunter wants to wound an animal, and leave it to suffer…that’s not why we hunt.

6. Make a Plan – Plan your first trip to either be guided, or go out with a friend that has actual knowledge of hog hunting. This will give you the needed first time skills, and answer many questions in the field for your hunt. I personally suggest going on a guided hunt with a friend. You will have an experience of a lifetime, and you will have the needed resources from the guide from the beginning to end of your hunt. Prices typically range from about $400-$800 depending on amenities. (Plan on tipping your guide for a great hunt depending on the experience, and services rendered.)

7. Book a Hunt – Research private hunting guides for your state, and be ready to call and ask questions. Some may include:

  1. Directions to the ranch
  2. What are the fees for hog hunting?
  3. Do you offer processing and storage on site?
  4. What is the terrain like?
  5. What is the size of the ranch?
  6. Can we camp onsite?
  7. What are the closest stores, outfitters, and restaurants to the ranch?
  8. What should I bring to go hog hunting?
  9. What weapons can I hunt with?
  10. What are the available dates to hunt?
  11. What payment do you accept?

(Be sure to let your guide know that this is your first time, so that they can tailor a hunt to your abilities)

In closing, most hunters had a father who would pass down that heritage to their children, and those skills would be passed down to their children, and so on…. In this day and age, hunting has diminished because the father is not in the children’s life in a lot of cases. I hope that you have found even a nugget of useful information that will inspire you to learn to hunt. Keep these traditions alive for yourself and your children.

If you have any questions, or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section.

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  1. gavin smith says:

    if you want to take down big groups the 223 ar -15 is the way to go

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the advise.

  3. cpark32 says:

    Thanks. This is an excellent run down on getting started on the hog hunt. I appreciate it and I am sure you will receive a lot of other replies as well. CP..Alabama

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