Wild Boar Hunting Resources

I thought I would offer a collaboration of some of the best resources I have found on the internet for Wild Boar Hunting. While State specific resources can be found on the Hunt By State Category, these are the universal resources I believe everyone can use. If there is a resource missing that you think the readers would appreciate, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and link the site, or contact me.

Cool Wild Boar Sites:

National Feral Swine Mapping System

LIVE Hog Cam

The Coolest Wild Boar Hunting Story I’ve Read

Hunting Gear and Cool Stores:

Bass Pro Store Locator Tool

Cabela’s Store Locator Tool

Wild Boar Hunting DVD’s

Wild Boar Hunting Books

Hog Attractants

Free Training and Tutorials:

7 Steps For Beginning Hog Hunters

Wild Hog Secret Baiting Recipes

Hog Sign Tutorial

How To Butcher A Wild Boar By Carlos M. Lopez

Extension Collaborative Feral Pig Information Site

Top Wild Boar Hunting Blogs:


Phillip’s Hog-Blog

The Hog Blog

Peter Jaeckle’s California Hunting Post – Wild Boar Hunting in California and Worldwide

 Wild Boar Hunting Forums: 

Texas Boars Forums

BoarMasters Forum

Wild Hog Hunters Forums

Jesse’s Hunting & Outdoors Forum