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Do you want to get your hunting articles published? Do you consider yourself an expert when it comes to hunting wild pig? Do you have a hunting blog, and want to guest post? If so, visit the contact me page and email me your best article. We are looking for hunters with opinions, skills, and value to bring to our readers. We want journalists that are aspiring to deliver the best content. All you need is a love for hunting, and preferably hunting wild pigs to get started.

The benefits of writing for us are:

  • Notoriety in the Hunting Industry
  • Links back to your website
  • Increased traffic to your site
  • A Strong article portfolio

A couple of rules are:

  1. All articles must be original content written by you. We will check all articles for content scraping.
  2. You must be honest in your opinion. Any spam or paid promotion are not tolerated.
  3. All content is subject to approval by www.HuntWildPig.com and may or may not be used, altered or unaltered, and released whenever we see fit.(Most likely this won’t happen, but it is our right)

2 Responses to Write For Us!

  1. Joe B Baker, DVM says:

    For hunting in the state of New Mexico, you might want to change your wording to “no hunting from 1/2 hour after sunset until 1/2 hour before sunrise. The way your information is worded it makes hunting during the DAY illegal, when in fact it is NIGHT hunting that is illegal.