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Hey All,

My name is Greg, and I am a wild pig hunter and internet site owner of www.HuntWildPig.com

I choose to hunt wild pig by bow, and use spot and stalk as my preferred choice. I can’t stand sitting and waiting… Never had success in a stand, and we can’t bait here in CA. I am rarely successful, yet just getting outdoors becoming one with nature is more important to me.

Greg and his daughter,  before he goes out to the field

I’ve created a free wild pig hunting resource for all hunters in the USA with regulations for hunting in that state, with actual interviews from the different Fish and Game officials.

Lastly, I recently had a guest post from one of our readers that was really good. It made me realize that this is a community, and there are a lot of good outdoor writers that want to be heard. If you have a passion to write about wild boar hunting, outdoors, or hunting in general, please contact me directly at greg@huntwildpig.com . Send your article, photos, and links to your site, and I will let you know if it is a good fit for HuntWildPig.com


Greg “The Boar Hunter”

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  1. deborah says:

    Thank you, I believe in cases of depradation or under threat of injury to self, pets, or property; no tags are needed by the property owner. They require a report and some particular requirements as to the use or disposal of the carcass.

  2. dj ker h says:

    San Diego county, Julian.

    • Greg The Boar Hunter says:

      For California, you need a Hunting license, and purchase a tag for the Wild Pig to hunt it. Its fairly reasonable, but California is the only state that considers wild pig large game. If you have never taken a hunters education course, you need to take that first before you get your license. Oh and you need to acquire a legal firearm capable of downing a boar which .30-06 is recommended. Aim low into the shoulder region to hit the vitals of a wild boar.

      While I hate the fact that you have a wild boar near your home, I have to admit that what I thought was going to happen, did in San Diego County. Some Native American tribesman released some wild pig on their reservation around there to have a huntable population of boar to set up hunts. They escaped into the Cleveland National Forest there, where I have been actually studying evidence of their population so that I could personally hunt them. The Forest Service has no idea what to do, and is looking at all solutions as the wild boar are tearing up the resources in the forest there, actually threatening future oak tree growth. This is bad for a number of reasons, and have a negative chain reaction to the ecosystem.

      My advice would be to hunt the pig, but if you are not inclined to hunt, call in the Department of Fish and Game which you can access on my California page to see if they have a solution for you, or could recommend a hunter to take down the population.

      Let us know how it goes, good luck!

      Greg “The Boar Hunter”

  3. DJ says:

    My husband was out this evening wirh a neighbor and the dogs, he spotted a wild boar on the property and our ridgeback mix took off after it. We are not hunters though have not big moral objections to hunting. I am disturbed that this big wild boar is out and about on our property. I don’t know the hunting regulations but don’t want to run into this pig when out hiking. Should I be worried, do they cover a lot of territory, is it allowed to hunt them anytime?

    • Greg The Boar Hunter says:


      First of all, I’m sorry you feel threatened on your property. That’s not a good feeling for sure. What state do you live in? There are different rules in each state for hunting wild pig, yet most are very lenient especially when the wild pig is on your property. I certainly would not let a untrained dog go out by himself for fear that the boar will defend itself quite ferociously with his tusks which are very sharp. As far as how far they will travel… That depends on what their food sources are on your property. I am fairly sure you can find a hunter that would hunt your property for you to get rid of the pig problem for free. Try posting a topic in the state forums for a hunter in your state. But if you want to get into hunting, what a perfect opportunity to learn and hunt wild pig for free! Let me know what state, and I can give you a better answer.


      Greg “The Boar Hunter”

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