7 Reasons Why You Should Hunt Wild Pig


Man Kills Mosaic Boar By Helen Rickard

1. Danger of the Hunt  Hunting wild pig has got to be one of the scariest hunts you will ever do in the US. The fact that a pissed off boar may charge is by far the greatest thrill ever, as it gives that sense of balance, fairness, and fear. If you miss a wild pig, you had better have a second shot ready to go and be able to think, aim, and release that shot before you get gored or chased up a tree (if one is available). For a further challenge, leave your rifle at home, and lets see how comfortable you are at close range!

2. To Feel Alive – There are not many more hunts that grasp the primal heritage of “Man vs. Beast”. The adrenaline surges through your body as you anticipate the after effects of your shot. Your senses all start singing in one symphony that you have never heard before. Your heart feels like it’s pounding through your ears, and you swear that your breath can be heard by that wild pig.

3. Environmental Hero –  Wild pigs are a huge threat to our environment, and not taking action on these pigs will cause millions of dollars in damage to farms, water supplies,  and ruin soil. Wild pigs will also eat everything in sight including other animals, plants, eggs, acorns, crops… You name it, these omnivores do not discriminate when feeding. Wild pigs also spread many diseases that are deadly to other animals and plants creating epidemics and outbreaks.

4. Save Your Piggy Bank – Hunting wild pig will save you money, so you can hunt more often. Most states have no regulations what so ever, giving anyone a chance at bringing home large game. Even if there are no pigs in your state to hunt, for the price of hunting large local game, you can fly to the southern states, have decent accommodations, a guided service, and have your meat processed for you to take home gift wrapped! You cannot beat the price.

5. No Off Season – There are no seasons for wild pig in any state. You can hunt feral swine year round, sometimes even day or night. Hunting wild pig is almost the same as hunting deer, and will keep you sharp, honing your outdoor skills. You can hunt wild pig with almost any method you prefer, even with just a knife.

6. Spit Roasted Pig – Boar meat is absolutely delicious! Prepared right, and cooked several different ways, it can be a source of meat for the whole family. There is no feeling of satisfaction quite like the village feast kill that you delivered, drinking a cold beer, sitting around the fire, quietly reflecting on the days hunt, before telling your…..

7. Kick Ass Story – Let’s be honest, not many people are going to be impressed that you orphaned Bambi with your rifle at 150 yards from a tree stand. Some may even secretly loath you for it. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that style of hunting, but how the tables turn to admiration and respect when you tell the story of how you spot and stalked a wild boar with your bow within 35 yards in the nastiest brush you’ve ever seen….. Now that’s the story you will tell your grandchildren….and the legend they will tell about you.

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    Congrats on the kick-off, Greg! Looks like you could have a great site here! Keep at it!

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      Thanks Phillip… I really like your blog too! I would suggest it to all my readers. What a great resource!

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