5 Best Hog Hunting Knives

Courtesy Of Spartan Hunting Preserve

Courtesy Of Spartan Hunting Preserve

A good hog hunting knife can be the difference between a safe clean kill and a field injury ruining a trip. The important aspects of the best hog hunting knives are that they are made of a thick, strong steel, have a non-slip grip, and that they have a blade length over 6.5 inches. The blade should be a fixed blade with a full tang.

Because hogs may be unpredictably dangerous, the knife thrust needs to be quick and accurate, in an angled push under the front leg pit to the heart… That is in an ideal hog hunt, which is not always possible. Adrenaline and position can make bay hunters react in wild awkward stabs, risking injury to themselves and their hog dogs.

Below are the best hog hunting knives for a safe hunt. They are made of excellent steel, have non-slip grips, and have long sharp blades for a swift strike to dispatch a wild boar.

Entrek Sub-hilt Silhouette Black Blade Double Edged Bowie Style Knife

The Entrek Sub-Hilt is one of the best choices for hog hunting. It is made of a 440c stainless steel that is super tough, holds a great edge, and corrosion resistant. This blade is ideal for dispatching a wild boar since it has 1/4″ thick blade that is 7 5/8″ long. If you’ll notice, the sub-hilt with the finger guard makes it very difficult to lose your grip on the pig. The backside of the blade is sharpened for better penetration as well. This is an ideal high end choice for a boar hunt.

ESEE Knives JUNGLASVG Venom Green Powder Coated Blade Junglas Fixed Blade Knife with Orange G-10 Handles with Black Sheath

The Junglas VG is an excellent blade choice for night hog hunts. Remember that knowing where your blade is and where it’s going will be safer in the field at night. The blade also comes in a blacked out version. The blade was used in counter-narcotic operations in Columbia. It is 10 3/8″ long, made of  1/4″ thick 1095 carbon steel, and has a non-slip handle. This blade doubles as a great survival knife, with excellent chopping abilities.

Cold Steel Peace Keeper I in San Mai III Knives

Cold Steel is known for their budget conscience boar hunters. With the Peacekeeper, they made a change and gave it an upgraded San Mai III Steel from Japan.  The super steel blade is 7″ long and 3/8″ thick. It is double-sided for excellent penetration into a hog. The handle has a non-slip grip called Kray-Ex. The Kray-Ex works well in wet slippery jobs such as taking out a wild boar.

Cold Steel Boar Hunter Kraton Handle (Cordura Sheath)

Cold Steel’s trusty favorite of boar hunters worldwide is the Boar Hunter. It is the ideal budget conscience hog hunting knife. It has a finger guard and Kray-Ex hilt for precision placement on a hog. The 8 3/4″ blade is made of Japanese Aus 8A Stainless Steel, with a sloping drop point for superior piecing penetration into a wild boar specifically. This knife is not dual purpose, and is specifically designed for one thing only… Killing wild boar. The price is excellent, which almost any hog hunter can afford. Engraved on the blade is “Boar Hunter”, possibly to remind you that is its sole purpose.

Ontario 6277 M7-B Bayonet (Black)

Pictured above is the Ontario Bayonet. Back in the Marine Corps, I used this blade daily to open MRE’s in Iraq. The 6.75″ 1095  carbon steel blade was field tested for years on end. The barrel retaining ring acts as a great guard for a non-slip grip. The blade is double-sided for an easy penetration. The locking lug fits all M16, AR-15, and M4 model rifles. This blade is a great choice for those AR Hog Hunters out there to place on the end of your barrel to finish the kill. This allows a safe reach, keeping extremities out of harms way. You just can’t beat the price for this all around great blade.

Remember, when shopping for hog hunting blades, the rules to keep in mind is that it has a:

  1. Thick Blade
  2. Over 6.5″ long
  3. Non-Slip Grip
  4. Sharp Piercing Ability

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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